• Agricultural biodiversity

    Agricultural biodiversity

    is the basis of sustainable food production but due to changes in farming practices & environmental pressures  is being lost, along with knowledge of how it can benefit agriculture & ecosystems.

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  • Bioversity International
    Bioversity International

    Bioversity International produces scientific evidence to shape decisions and actions to benefit smallholder farmers and rural communities living in poverty around the world.

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  • Making a difference
    Making a difference

    through agriculture and forest biodiversity research– improving nutrition, increasing livelihoods and enhancing sustainable, resilient & productive ecosystems in smallholder farming communities in developing countries

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  • Meet the Director General
    Meet the Director General

    Meet M. Ann Tutwiler, Director General, Bioversity International, read her official blog DG Dialogues, and find the latest news.

    Meet the Director General

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