CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers & Bananas

16 Jul 2014

CIAT, CIP and Bioversity International DGs explore collaboration during CIAT visit

Director General M. Ann Tutwiler recently met with CIAT Director General, Ruben Echeverría, and Barbara Wells, Director General of CIP to discuss areas of further collaboration between the three CGIAR  ... read more

03 Jul 2014

What is in a banana name?

Bioversity International’s global list of banana cultivar names hopes to help scientists sort out the crop’s taxonomy. Available on the ProMusa website, the list is highlighted in the Hortax  ... read more

07 Apr 2014

Noah's Ark for bananas

The Independent highlights the importance of the world’s largest collection of banana germplasm, held in trust in Belgium and managed by Bioversity International.  ... read more

13 Mar 2014

Al Jazeera writes about the need to diversify banana production

In a recent Al Jazeera article, Dr Stephan Weise, Deputy Director General of Research at Bioversity, explains the need to diversify banana production as a fungal disease continues to devastate banana  ... read more

01 Oct 2013

ISHS/ProMusa Symposium and call for abstracts

The ISHS/ProMusa Symposium will be held as one of the symposia of the 29th International Horticultural Congress in Brisbane, Australia on 17-22 August, 2014. Deadline for abstracts is November 1st.  ... read more

15 Jul 2013

A taste for better bananas in Burundi

There is a French expression, à chacun son goût - to each his own taste. Palates can evolve, and it is a changing taste that is creating new opportunities for banana farmers in Burundi. A partnership  ... read more

10 Jul 2013

Online mapping tool for analysis and planning receives international award

RTBMaps has been selected for a Special Achievement in GIS Award. This web-based GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tool, the result of a collaboration of Bioversity International, CIAT, CIP and  ... read more