Bioversity International: research for development in agricultural and tree biodiversity

Bellon, Mauricio R.

Principal Scientist

Mauricio Bellon carries out research on the reasons and incentives of farmers to maintain crop diversity and the ensuing dynamics in agricultural systems in the developing world.He is particularly interested in conceptualizing and documenting the impact of on-farm conservation interventions on the well-being of those who maintain agricultural biodiversity, applying qualitative and quantitative methods to address this issue under specific conditions and draw lessons and learning that is widely applicable.




PhD Ecology, University of California, Davis
MS Ecology, University of California, Davis
Ingeniero Agronomo, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Xochimilco, Mexico.
Regular member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences

Publication highlights:
Bellon, M.R., D. Hodson and J. Hellin. 2011. Assessing the vulnerability of traditional maize seed systems in Mexico to climate change. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 108 (33): 13432-13437.

Bellon, M. R. 2004. Conceptualizing interventions to support on-farm genetic resource conservation. World Development 32 (1): 159-172.