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First experiences with a novel farmer citizen science approach: crowdsourcing participatory variety selection through on-farm triadic comparisons of technologies (TRICOT).

Author: Van Etten, J.; Beza, E.; Calderer, L.; Van Duijvebdijk, K.; Fadda, C.; Fantahun, B.; Kidane, Y.G.; Van de Gevel, J.; Gupta, A.; Mengistu, D.K.; Kiambi, D.; Mathur, P.N.; Mercado, L.; Mittra, S.; Mollel, M.J.; Rosas, J.C.; Steinke, J.; Suchini, J.G.; Zimmerer, K.S.

Publication year: 2016

Agricultural ecosystems and their services: the vanguard of sustainability?

Author: DeClerck, FAJ; Jones, SK; Attwood, S.; Bossio, Deborah; Girvetz, Evan; Chaplin-Kramer, B.; Enfors, E.; Fremier, AK; Gordon, LJ; Kizito, Fred; Lopez Noriega, I.; Matthews, N.; McCartney, M.; Meacham, M.; Noble, A.; Quintero, Marcela; Remans, Roseline; Soppe, Richard; Willemen, L.; Wood, SLR; Zhang, W.

Publication year: 2016

Post-disaster revival of the local seed system and climate change adaptation: a case study of earthquake affected mountain regions of Nepal

Author: Gauchan; D.; Joshi, B.K.; Sthapit, S.; Ghimire, K.; Gautam, S.; Poudel, K.; Sapkota, S.; Neupane, S.; Sthapit, B.; Vernooy, R.

Publication year: 2016

How should conservationists respond to pesticides as a driver of biodiversity loss in agroecosystems?

Author: Dudleya, N.; Attwood, S.J.; Goulson, D.; Jarvis, D.; Bharuchag, D.P.; Prettyh, J.

Publication year: 2017

Integrated landscape initiatives for agriculture, livelihoods and ecosystem conservation: An assessment of experiences from South and Southeast Asia

Author: Zanzanaini, C.; Tran, B.T.; Singh, C.; Hart, A.; Milder, J.; DeClerck, F.

Publication year: 2017

What are the prospects for citizen science in agriculture? Evidence from three continents on motivation and mobile telephone use of resource-poor farmers

Author: Beza, E.; Steinke, J.; van Etten, J.; Reidsma, P.; Fadda, C.; Mittra, S.; Mathur, P.; Kooistra, L.

Publication year: 2017

The roles of community seed banks in climate change adaption

Author: Vernooy, R.; Sthapit, B.; Otieno, G.; Shrestha, P.; Gupta, A.

Publication year: 2017