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Implementing a national community seedbank strategy for South Africa

Author: Vernooy, R.; Sthapit, B.; Dibiloane, A.; Maluleke, N.L.; Moila, P.; Phora, G.; Tjikana, T.

Publication year: 2017

Bancos comunitarios de semillas: orígenes, evolución y perspectivas

Author: Vernooy, R., Shrestha P., Sthapit, B. Ramírez, M.(eds.)

Publication year: 2016

Access and benefit sharing policies for climate resilient seed systems: matching global commitments with national realities. Synthesis paper, 12 September 2016

Author: Halewood, M., Otieno, G.; Nkhoma, C.; Kasasa, P.; Wasswa Mulumba, J.; Gapusi, J.; de Jonge, B.

Publication year: 2016

Caficultura y cambio climático en Nicaragua: Refexiones sobre el papel de las políticas públicas y las cooperativas

Author: Bedmar Villanueva, A.; López Noriega, I.; Bucardo, E.; van Zonneveld, M.

Publication year: 2016

Safeguarding local crop knowledge: the use of community biodiversity registers

Author: Gómez César, M.; Sthapit, B.; Vernooy, R.

Corporate author: Bioversity International, Rome (Italy); Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Republic of South Africa

Publication year: 2016

Mainstreaming agricultural biological diversity across sectors through NBSAPs

Author: Lapena, I.; Halewood, M.; Hunter, D.

Publication year: 2016

Summary booklet of the global strategy for the conservation and use of Musa genetic resources

A consultative document prepared by the Global Musa Genetic Resources Network (MusaNet)

Author: Chase, R.; Laliberté, B. (Comp.)

Corporate author: MusaNet

Publication year: 2016

Embedding mutually supportive implementation of the plant treaty and the Nagoya Protocol in the context of broader national policy goals

A Workshop for National Teams of Policy Actors, 16th – 20th November 2015

Corporate author: ABS Capacity Development Initiative; Bioversity International

Publication year: 2016

Imbrication de la mise en oeuvre concertée et solidaire du Traité sur les ressources phytogénétiques et du Protocole de Nagoya dans le conexte d’objetifs de politiques nationales plus larges

un atelier destine à des équipes nationales d’acteurs de politiques

Corporate author: ABS Capacity Development Initiative; Bioversity International

Publication year: 2016