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Fig. 1. Fruit shape profiles of the edible-fruited cultivar-groups of Cucurbita pepo (after Paris 1986). Peduncular end of the fruit at top, stylar end at bottom. Top row, C. pepo subsp. pepo, left to right: pumpkin, vegetable marrow, cocozelle, zucchini. Bottom row, C. pepo subsp. ovifera, left to right: scallop, acorn, crookneck, straightneck.





Fig. 2. Mature fruits of Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo. Left to right, top row, Pumpkin group: ‘Connecticut Field’, ‘Khutorianka’, ‘Ukrainska Nogoplodna’, ‘Cinderella’, ‘Uzbekistan Local Pumpkin’, ‘Porqueira’; second row, Pumpkin group: ‘Jack O’Lantern’, ‘Winter Luxury’, ‘Tondo Verde Scuro di Piacenza’, ‘Dagestan’, ‘Small Sugar’, ‘Gourmet Globe’, ‘Spookie’, ‘Ronde de Nice’, ‘Nonkadi’; third row, Vegetable Marrow group: ‘Beirut’, ‘Blanche non-coureuse’, ‘Bianco di Palermo’, ‘Bolognese’, ‘Caserta’, PI 181763 (from Lebanon), ‘Table Dainty’, ‘Gornurekhovskiye’, ‘Vegetable Marrow’, ‘Verte Petite d’Alger’, ‘Vegetable Spaghetti’, ‘Yakor’; fourth row, left, Zucchini group: ‘Black Beauty’, ‘Fordhook Zucchini’, ‘Nero di Milano’, ‘Nano Verde di Milano’, ‘True French’, ‘Verde di Milano’; fourth row, right, Cocozelle group: ‘Alberello di Sarzane’, accession from Burkina Faso, ‘Cocozelle Tripolis’, ‘Lungo Bianco di Sicilia’, ‘Long Cocozelle’, ‘Lungo di Toscana’, PI 165018 (from Turkey), ‘Striato d’Italia’, ‘Striato Pugliese’, accession from Slovenia, ‘Verte Non-Coureuse d’Italie’; foreground, gourds: ‘Flat’, ‘Miniature Ball’, ‘Orange Ball’, wild C. pepo subsp. fraterna.



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