Mapping genetic diversity of cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.)

Application of spatial analysis for conservation and use of plant genetic resources

This paper explores the possibilities of incorporating molecular marker data into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to allow visualization and better understanding of spatial patterns of genetic diversity as a key input to optimize conservation and use of plant genetic resources, based on a case study of cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.), a Neotropical fruit tree species.  Spatial analyses are presented  to (1) improve the understanding of spatial distribution of genetic diversity of cherimoya natural stands and cultivated trees in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru based on microsatellite molecular markers (SSRs); and (2) formulate optimal conservation strategies by revealing priority areas for in situ conservation, and identifying existing diversity gaps in ex situ collections.

Category: Journal articles

Author: van Zonneveld, M.; Scheldeman, X.; Escribano, P.; Viruel, M.A.; Van Damme, P.; Garcia, W.; Tapia, C.; Romero, J.; SigueƱas, J.I.

Journal or series: PLoS ONE, Vol.7 (1)

Pages: e29845

Publication Year: 2012

Publication Format: PDF

Language: EN

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