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It is generally accepted that trees are vital for human well-being, and that forests and woodlands are diminishing. However, the incredible diversity among and within species, and the myriad ways that humans use and depend on trees are not common knowledge. Neither is it commonly known that variability among individuals within tree species is essential for trees to survive and continue providing valuable resources for people.

Knowledge of approaches and challenges to conserve and manage forest genetic resources is highly fragmented and actually decreasing in some countries, just at a time when this knowledge is sorely needed.

Bioversity International’s researchers translate research results into improvements in conservation and management of resources through developing  practical training materials, mentoring students and young scientists in the countries where they work, and participating in global processes to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge of tree genetic resources.

Research highlights

State of the World Report on Forest Genetic Resources

The first-ever State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources - prepared under the guidance of FAO's intergovernmental Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture - calls for urgent action to better manage forests and their genetic resources to ensure that rural people who depend on them for their nutrition, livelihoods and resilience will be able to rely on their benefits over the long term. 86 country partners, Bioversity International, The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and other partners have worked closely with FAO in preparation of the report.
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 Why the concern for genetic diversity of trees?

Forest scientists at Bioversity International study how to conserve and manage the genetic diversity of trees — the foundation and backbone of any forest. Genetic diversity of forest trees is important for many reasons. Here are some little known facts that illustrate the importance of tree genetic diversity.
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Training guide on forest genetic resources

Currently available in English and Spanish, a Bioversity International forest researcher developed 'Training Guide on forest genetic resources' is a tool for teaching and learning about forest genetic resources issues in formal education or on-the-job training. Through its modules, you will learn about the links between sustainable forest management and forest genetic resources, covering areas such as conservation strategies, trees outside forests, seed supply chains, and forest management, forest restoration and logging.
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