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Forum on Nourishing People and Sustaining the Planet

Forum on Nourishing People and Sustaining the Planet

Reducing risks and seizing opportunities: Integrating biodiversity into food and agriculture investments

23 February 2018 | 9:30 – 18:45 | The Conference Room, Fiera Di Forli

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Bioversity International in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Fiera di Forli present The International Forum on Nourishing People and Sustaining the Planet. The Forum will gather experts and representatives from agribusiness, government, investors and the media in an interactive discussion with an invited audience on the benefits, opportunities and ways of using diversity - from production to consumption - for healthy diets and sustainable food and agriculture systems.

The conference is held in English and translation is provided in Italian. Kindly confirm your participation in this conference by clicking on register above.

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Bioversity International's Director General, Ann Tutwiler will present and participate at the following times:

10:00-10:45 Welcoming remarks: Keynote

10:45-11:45 Session 1: Diversity in Consumption and Production for Healthy and Sustainable Food

14:00-15:45 Session 3: Opportunities for Agribusiness and Investors

Session 3 will include a presentation on the Agrobiodiverstiy Index (see below)

Mainstreaming agrobiodiversity

By mainstreaming agrobiodiversity in supply chains, food and agriculture businesses and investors can reduce risks and seize opportunities. Agrobiodiversity boosts productivity and diet quality and increases resilience, soil health and water quality while reducing the need for water, inorganic fertilisers and other costly inputs.

A standard way of measuring agrobiodiversity in diets and food production is needed, however, that enables decision-makers in governments and companies to quantify material risks and opportunities and to compare and select the strategies that will deliver more sustainable, more nutritious food systems.

The Forum will showcase an Agrobiodiversity Index that can be used to leverage incremental investments through the structuring of bonds by agribusinesses, private and development banks and governments to raise capital for sustainable investment; and through the structuring of equity funds to drive investments towards sustainable food and agriculture business models.

Find out more about agrobiodiversity and its crucial role in making a disruptive change to broken food systems.