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06 Oct 2016

Women’s shifting rights to precious tree resources in Burkina Faso

Néré plays a significant role in the diet of rural and urban populations in Burkina Faso’s Sudano-Sahelian zone. Although women are the ones to harvest néré seeds for income and direct consumption, they have no secure access to tree resources. Moreover, the density of néré is declining ... read more

26 Sep 2016

Tropentag 2016 – Solidarity in a competing world

Tropentag 2016 took place last week in Vienna and Bioversity International was there. Find out more.

19 Sep 2016

Mixing methods for holistic project evaluations

What is the value of integrating qualitative analyses in quantitative project evaluations? According to a group of researchers from Bioversity International, World Fish and Nepalese NGO LI-BIRD, qualitative research is not only valuable, but in fact essential for holistic project ... read more

09 Aug 2016

Gendered exclusions and cooperation within the shea value chain

In their recently published article, Marlène Elias and Seema Arora-Jonsson describe the shea value chain. The authors highlight that although there is interest in improving prospects for producers, little attention is being focused on how differences among producers can enable some, but not ... read more

19 Jul 2016

Krishi Pandita agriculturalist award granted to custodian farmer in India

A close associate of the Tropical Fruit Tree Project, Prasad Rama Hegde, recently received the prestigious Krishi Pandita award for his work on agricultural biodiversity.

31 May 2016

Pamiri farmers and their traditions take centre stage in international cookbook awards

Book on the rich cultural and agricultural history of the Afghan and Tajik Pamirs wins the Gourmand cookbook awards – the most prestigious and largest award in the culinary world.

27 May 2016

New publication reveals that farmers are the best source for conservation practices

How do we conserve the amazing diversity of tropical fruit trees in a way that brings benefits to the people who look after them? Why don’t we ask the farmers? That’s exactly what the researchers and editors of Tropical Fruit Tree Diversity: Good practices for in situ and on-farm ... read more

21 Mar 2016

Making best use of Asia’s tree diversity

Working on landscape restoration, REDD+, tree improvement or conservation planning in Asia-Pacific? Take this survey and tell us what your training needs are to better manage and benefit from tree genetic resources at your organization and to influence the training programme of a Regional ... read more

14 Jan 2016

Listening to different voices - revealing local knowledge through research

In this new video, young scientists talk about the challenges they faced doing participatory research and how they worked creatively to overcome them.

12 Jan 2016

Tree genetic diversity is key to success for forest restoration projects

Projects designed to return degraded land to natural forest, with associated improvements in ecological function and biodiversity, rightly focus on native tree species. Recent research suggests that a deeper level of ecological awareness and a more nuanced approach to tree selection could ... read more