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21 Sep 2015

The sacredness of the Pugahan tree - an interview with one of the photo contest winners

Leonora Astete tells a story of agricultural rituals, describing in detail a very rare Filipino practice to produce flour from a tree’s sap.

02 Sep 2015

Investing in new cacao plants today for a more sustainable chocolate supply tomorrow

A review coordinated by Bioversity International reports on the current technologies used to propagate improved cacao planting materials, and the prospects for improving and scaling up these mechanisms to meet the increasing demand of cocoa.

28 Aug 2015

Different trees for different needs

Women and men often have distinct and complementary roles, sets of knowledge, skills, practices and preferences related to the management and conservation of agricultural and tree biodiversity. A new blog post published on the Women for Expo website highlights Bioversity International ... read more

27 Aug 2015

Forest in the lab – new film explains genetic monitoring of forests

In a new video, Bernd Degen, Head of the Institute of Forest Genetics at von Thünen Institute, Germany and one of the partners in the FORGER project, explains the essence of genetic monitoring and walks us through the laboratories where samples of trees are examined. 

06 Aug 2015

M. Ann Tutwiler reflects on the Papal Encyclical

In her latest blog, M. Ann Tutwiler reflects on the key messages given in the recent Papal Encyclical about the importance of biodiversity to meet human needs.

26 Jun 2015

Case studies from around the globe show that gender-responsive participatory research is the way to go

Bioversity International's Gender Research Fellows unite in the Netherlands to discuss their successes in using participatory research tools and processes in different research projects in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, India and Malaysia.

18 Jun 2015

Research through theatre – using participatory methods to spark discussion and empower local communities

Marketing may be a difficult concept to explain to people who are involved in only some stages of the value chain. Theatre can be a useful tool to convey complex issues to a diversified social group, with different levels of education, in an engaging and fun way.

25 May 2015

Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo Fellow to map African rosewood genetic diversity in Ghana

The knowledge gap in genetic information on remaining populations of African rosewood will soon be filled through a new research project, supported by the Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo (ASO) Fellowship, awarded yearly by Bioversity International to a young forest genetic resources scientist in ... read more

29 Apr 2015

Forest landscape restoration: a solution to global challenges

M. Ann Tutwiler addresses the importance of well matched and genetically diverse planting material when restoring degraded land and gives an update on Bioversity International's research to support forest restoration.

15 Apr 2015

Filling in knowledge gaps for better management of forests and trees

What research support is needed to help countries meet their pledges to restore forests on degraded lands? This and other questions are explored in a conversation among scientists from several centres who are carrying out research on the management and conservation of forest and tree ... read more