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12 Jan 2016

Tree genetic diversity is key to success for forest restoration projects

Projects designed to return degraded land to natural forest, with associated improvements in ecological function and biodiversity, rightly focus on native tree species. Recent research suggests that a deeper level of ecological awareness and a more nuanced approach to tree selection could ... read more

14 Dec 2015

Research helps forests adapt to and mitigate a changing climate

Maintaining and expanding natural forest cover is therefore an essential component of an intelligent response to the climate crisis. However, given the rapidity with which the climate is changing and the impacts of these changes on tree populations, it also presents a complexity of ... read more

02 Dec 2015

Handing communities the management of a Guatemalan forest

As discussed in a recent article in The New York Times, on-going research in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala’s northern Petén region demonstrates the effectiveness of forest management when it is in the hands of the people that already live there.

26 Nov 2015

Good chocolate starts with good cocoa beans – a little taste from the Cocoa of Excellence Programme and the Salon du Chocolat in Paris

On the side-lines of the Paris Salon du Chocolat event, Bioversity International co-established International Cocoa Awards went to 17 cocoa producers from Africa, Asia and Pacific, the Caribbean and Central America and South America.

24 Nov 2015

Women and men in tropical dry forests: A preliminary review

In their new paper 'Women and men in tropical dry forests: a preliminary review', Colfer, Elias and Jamnadass put the spotlight on several phenomena of significance from a gender perspective in dry forests.

06 Oct 2015

Seeds for Restoration - a global survey calls for contributions

Restoring hundreds of millions of hectares of degraded forestlands will require billions of tree seeds and seedlings. This month, we invite restoration practitioners to take a survey to help identify current problems, good practices and recommendations for improving tree seed and seedling ... read more

21 Sep 2015

The sacredness of the Pugahan tree - an interview with one of the photo contest winners

Leonora Astete tells a story of agricultural rituals, describing in detail a very rare Filipino practice to produce flour from a tree’s sap.

02 Sep 2015

Investing in new cacao plants today for a more sustainable chocolate supply tomorrow

A review coordinated by Bioversity International reports on the current technologies used to propagate improved cacao planting materials, and the prospects for improving and scaling up these mechanisms to meet the increasing demand of cocoa.

28 Aug 2015

Different trees for different needs

Women and men often have distinct and complementary roles, sets of knowledge, skills, practices and preferences related to the management and conservation of agricultural and tree biodiversity. A new blog post published on the Women for Expo website highlights Bioversity International ... read more

27 Aug 2015

Forest in the lab – new film explains genetic monitoring of forests

In a new video, Bernd Degen, Head of the Institute of Forest Genetics at von Thünen Institute, Germany and one of the partners in the FORGER project, explains the essence of genetic monitoring and walks us through the laboratories where samples of trees are examined.