Quinoa fields in Peru. Credit: Bioversity International/A.Drucker

Updated descriptors for quinoa and its wild relatives

In 2013, as part of activities to mark the 2013 International Year of Quinoa, Bioversity International and FAO released Descriptors for quinoa and its...

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Quinoa growing in field, Peru. Credit: Bioversity International/A.Camacho

New book puts the spotlight on Andean ‘super grains’

Launched at the Fourth World Congress on Quinoa held in 2013 in Ibarra, Ecuador, the book Biodiversity of andean grains: Balancing market potential...

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Intercropping of banana and beanson farmers' field to mitigate banana xanthomonas wilt, Burundi. Credit:Bioversity International/P.Lepoint

CIALCA: Planting for future growth in the humid tropics

The Consortium for Improving Agriculture-based Livelihoods in Central Africa merged its activities with the CGIAR Research Program on Integrated...

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A bunch of local Banana (Musa spp.) Banana is a key species of Nepalese home garden. Credit: Bioversity International/Bipin Saugat

First ever banana crop contingency plan published

In 2013, the Organismo Internacional Regional de Sanidad Agropecuaria (OIRSA) published the first contingency plan for banana production in Latin...

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Beech forests are a feature of the European landscape. Credit: Bioversity International/Jeremy Cherfas

Minimum requirements for genetic conservation units of forest trees in Europe

Distribution ranges of many European forest trees extend across large geographical areas and cover many countries with diverse forest management...

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Pitanga fruits originated in Brazil but can now be found across the tropics. The cherry-sized fruits are highly nutritious containing large quantities of vitamin C. Credit: Bioversity International/M. Hermann

Biodiversity for food and nutrition

‘Biodiversity for Food Nutrition’ (B4FN) is finding ways to mainstream agricultural biodiversity into national and global policies and programmes...

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Amaranth grain in rural Nepal. Photo Credit: LI-BIRD/L.Lama

Himalayan foods: healthy and nutritious crop varieties

Read about 8 crops in the Nepal Himalayas that are better suited for harsh mountainous climates and can aid rural farmers in increasing yields and...

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Parbati, Nepalese farmer, in her home garden. Credit: Bioversity International/M.Elias

Evolution of gender relations among Nepalese farmers

CGIAR research program and LI-BIRD researchers travelled to Nepal's Gulmi District to put the 'Home Gardens' initiative's results under a gender lens.

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French Horn plantain> Credit: Richard Markam

The Democratic Republic of Congo home to one of the highest diversity of plantains in Africa

A series of collecting missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo reveals the extent of the country’s plantain diversity. Plantains are cooking...

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Vitamin-A rich bananas. Bioversity International/P.Lepoint

Reducing micronutrient deficiencies with vitamin A-rich bananas in rural Eastern Africa

Beatrice Ekesa, post-doctoral fellow, Bioversity International, is working in Eastern Africa where banana forms an important part of diets. She...

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