Fruit diversity in Mercado municipal, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Credit: jACK TWO/Flickr

L’Italia sostiene l'agricoltura sostenibile attraverso una collaborazione con Bioversity International

L’Italia sostiene l'agricoltura sostenibile attraverso una collaborazione con Bioversity International Il Governo italiano, attraverso la Direzione...

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Amongst other outputs, data from Armajaro's cocoa farm surveys, processed with their data analysis system produces maps like this one.

Mapping the biodiversity status of over 10,000 Ghanaian cocoa farms

A database will give insight into the biodiversity status of cocoa farms across five cocoa-producing regions of Ghana, the third largest cocoa...

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Along Barotse Floodplain. Credit:Worldfish/Froukje Kruijssen

Assessing agricultural biodiversity in Borotse floodplain, Zambia

Bioversity International Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Joseph Jojo Baidu-Forson, talks about a recent assessment of agricultural biodiversity...

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Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve in Cuba. Credit: Bioversity International/P.Bordoni

Traditional farming communities key stewards of resilience

Traditional farming communities, by adopting new crops and varieties and retaining those already there, contribute to the resilience of agricultural...

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Chilli diversity, Peru. Credit: Bioversity International\M. Ramirez

Promoting genetic diversity in agriculture through National Adaptation Plans

Bioversity International scientist Michael Halewood presented on behalf of CCAFS at an expert meeting in Rome to develop guidelines for integrating...

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Bioversity scientist Yasu Morimoto and Nissin Foods' Daisuke Okabayashi show off Nissin's sorghum instant noodles. Credit: Bioversity International/Y.Morimoto

Sorghum makes its way into Africa's first instant noodles

Nissin Foods' Daisuke Okabayashi and Bioversity International scientist Yasu Morimoto discuss introducing sorghum into the instant noodles market in...

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Women present at community session in Khekuani, Barguna. Credit: Dorothy Chandrabalan

Inspiring change for rural women in Bangladesh through the use of agricultural biodiversity

In Bangladesh, a woman's influence in society often seems to be restricted to the boundaries of her home. Yet a closer look reveals women as...

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Working with potato diversity in the Andes. Photo: CIP/Jacqueline Becker

Old knowledge and new science: using traditional knowledge in CGIAR research

CGIAR reports on ways that traditional knowledge, including knowledge of crop diversity, can be developed into scalable innovations to address...

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Indian farmer. Credit: Bioversity International/C. Zanzanaini

Italy supports Bioversity International’s on-farm conservation research

With additional generous support from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation, Bioversity International has received a boost...

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Harvesting beans in Colombia. Photo: CIAT/Neil Palmer

A farmer's dilemma: To sell or to eat?

A Thomson Reuters report by CIAT highlights work in Macaregua, Colombia by Bioversity International with CGIAR partners to identify sources of...

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