Cool beans: A vertical crop fit for Africa's changing climate and nutritional gaps

By 2030, higher temperatures and droughts may cut common bean production by 3-5% in Africa. Farmers can adapt by switching to climbing varieties of...

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Children of forest community in Eastern Cameroon with one child holding fruits of Irvingia gabonensis. Credit: Bioversity International/R.Fungo

Tapping into Congo Basin’s forest foods for increased nutrition security

Forest products make a major contribution to household food and nutrition security in the Congo Basin, says new open-access paper published as part of...

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Gender-responsive research participants from Cameroon. Credit: J.Gerbig

Non-timber forest products: the way forward for rural women?

This year for International Women's Day, Bioversity has collected stories that inspire progress. In this blog post, Bioversity gender fellow Yvonne...

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Sustainable food systems include food from forests

Participants of Nutritious Foods from Forests, a side event of the 40th gathering of the Committee on World Food Security, said increased food...

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