MESH - greatest hits of ecosystem service modelling

Deep into the talks at the 8th Ecosystem Services Partnership conference held in South Africa’s mega diverse Western Cape, Bioversity International...

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New digital map of Barotse speaks both the language of scientists and farmers

In light of the 8th Ecosystem Services Partnership conference, Bioversity International researcher Natalia Estrada-Carmona reveals a new digital map...

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Linking people, nature and prosperity to ecosystem services - yes we can!

How are ecosystem services linked to nature, people and prosperity? How can we shift attention from a singular emphasis on yield to healthy rural...

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Fishermen in the Barotse floodplain in Zambia. Credit: Bioversity International/T. del Rio

Looking back at 365 days of water, land and ecosystems

The CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems 2014 Annual Report highlights stories of successful partnerships, including collaboration...

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An Uzbek farmer proudly showing his grapes. Credit: Bioversity International/P. Sands

Uzbek farmers get a livelihood boost from local fruit tree conservation

After five years of activity, an impact assessment reveals a positive trend in livelihoods linked to increased conservation and use of Uzbekistan’s...

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10 videos about fruit trees in Central Asia

We present 10 videos on our work in Central Asia on the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity and their wild relatives. Learn more about...

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Different bean varieties in Uganda. Credit: Bioversity International/D.Jarvis

Mixing it up in Uganda: Biodiversity bugs pests

Bioversity International's latest research in Uganda is showing increased evidence that growing different varieties (mixtures) of crops together can...

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Typical Costa Rican landscape where PES schemes are set up. Credit: Bioversity International/C.Zanzanaini

Lack of strong science in Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES)

A paper published in Science this month reveals that an alarmingly small number of payment for ecosystem service schemes around the world are based on...

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Participatory breeding of rice in Nepal. Credit: Bioversity International/B.Sthapit

New paper on rice seed networks in Nepal

A new open access paper gives us a better understanding of informal seed networks in Nepal and the farmers who are most important for safeguarding and...

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Ladybirds feed on wheat pests. Credit: Bioversity International/N.Capozio

IPBES to assess biodiversity and ecosystem services of the world's regions

Agriculture has now become an integral part of the new assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES),...

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