Farmer in Ghana prunes his Carabobo cacao tree, originally from Venezuela. Please credit: Bioversity International/R. Markham

Investing in new cacao plants today for a more sustainable chocolate supply tomorrow

A review coordinated by Bioversity International reports on the current technologies used to propagate improved cacao planting materials, and the...

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Bananas, Uganda. Credit: Bioversity International/N.Capozio

Bananos y cambio climático: qué va a pasar con una de las frutas preferidas en el mundo?

Los científicos de Bioversity International analizan el impacto del cambio climatico en los cultivos de banano en un nuevo libro de la FAO. Los...

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Bananas and climate change: what is going to happen to one of the world’s favourite fruits?

Bioversity International scientists analyze the impact of climate change on banana cultivation in a new FAO book. Bananas are a key crop for millions...

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A bunch of GCTCV 219 banana, a variety resistant to Fusarium wilt Tropical Race 4. Credit: BAPNET

New disease-resistant banana variety accepted in Japanese market

In the Philippines, a banana variety resistant to Fusarium wilt is now being exported to the Japanese market, offering new income opportunities for...

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In vitro banana collection at the Bioversity International Transit Centre, Belgium. Credit: Bioversity International/N. Roux

New and improved Musa Germplasm Information System now available

The most comprehensive information system on banana genetic resources conserved in genebanks around the world has just launched a new and improved...

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Researchers and farmers in banana field, Uganda. Credit: Bioversity International/P. de Santis

The effectiveness of knowledge sharing: The case of ProMusa, a global knowledge platform on banana

ProMusa is a global platform of scientists and other stakeholders to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and know-how on banana. In...

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Photo: M. Ann Tutwiler, Bioversity International Director General, and Mauricio Lopes, President of Embrapa, signing the 5-year agreement to boost sustainable food systems. Credit: Embrapa

Bioversity International and Embrapa sign 5-year agreement to boost sustainable food systems

Bioversity International and Embrapa today agreed to work closely together to expand the existing knowledge base on how to use agricultural...

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Mr Ranga Reddy's mango orchard, India. Credit: Bioversity International/Somashekhar BS

Inherited orchards are a treasure trove of mango diversity in southern India

Take a virtual visit to Ranga Reddy's mango orchard, one of our custodian farmers in southern India. His orchard is home to 560 trees that make up 18...

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 Cocoa bean diversity, Nicaragua. Credit: Bioversity International/X. Scheldemann

Bioversity International and partners announce the establishment of Americas Cacao Breeders Working Group

The Americas Cacao Breeders Group will bring together cacao breeders, scientists and industry members to collaborate and coordinate on the breeding...

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Cacao pods. Credit: Bioversity International

CacaoNet Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Cacao Germplasm

The CacaoNet Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Cacao Germplasm provide information on the precautions and quarantine measures to minimize...

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