Agustin Molina, on behalf of Bioversity International, receives an award from DA-BAR, the Philippines Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Agricultural Research. Credit: Bioversity International/V. Sinohin

Bioversity International banana work in the Philippines highlighted by key national partner

Bioversity International received a recognition award from one of our key national partners in the Philippines, the Department of Agriculture - Bureau...

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Important steps towards a global strategy for coconut conservation and use

Coconut-producing countries and international organizations to meet in Sri Lanka from 13-16 July to discuss the future of coconut genetic resources...

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Bunch of Ruhuvia Chichi, a banana variety cultivated in the Solomon Islands. Credit: Gabriel Sachter-Smith, courtesy of Musarama

What is in a banana name?

Bioversity International’s global list of banana cultivar names hopes to help scientists sort out the crop’s taxonomy. Available on the ProMusa...

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Researchers perform theatre play to explain value chain concepts to farmers. Credit: Bioversity International/H.Lamers

Researchers take to the stage to explain value chains

Researchers use theatre as part of a participatory market chain approach to explain value chain concepts to tropical fruit tree farmers in India and...

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Amongst other outputs, data from Armajaro's cocoa farm surveys, processed with their data analysis system produces maps like this one.

Mapping the biodiversity status of over 10,000 Ghanaian cocoa farms

A database will give insight into the biodiversity status of cocoa farms across five cocoa-producing regions of Ghana, the third largest cocoa...

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20 videos illustrating coconut palm climbing techniques

The International Coconut Genetic Resources Network, coordinated by Bioversity International, brings to light different palm climbing techniques...

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