A farmer harvests wheat on Miet Radie farm at El-Kalubia governorate, about 60km (37 miles) northeast of Cairo. Credit: Reuters

How the middle east can help feed the world - Ann Tutwiler and Marie Haga share their perspectives

Bioversity International's Director General Ann Tutwiler and Global Crop Diversity Trust's Executive Director Marie Haga share their perspectives in a...

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Ladybug resting on Einkorn wheat - one of the earliest cultivated forms of wheat. Credit: Bioversity International/N.Capozio

Scientists call for safeguarding crop wild relatives in the Middle East

In a recently published article in Nature Middle East, Bioversity International’s scientist Ehsan Dulloo underlines the need for a more holistic...

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New video on crop wild relatives

What role do crop wild relatives play in making agriculture more sustainable in the face of climate change? Find out in this video featuring...

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PGR Secure Conference

International conference on capturing wild relative and landrace diversity for crop improvement

On 16-20 June, 150 participants from 30 countries will showcase new research and insights at the conference Enhanced genepool utilization - Capturing...

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Detail of the Crop Wild Relatives infographic by Bioversity International

Crop wild relatives - a key asset for sustainable agriculture

Since the beginnings of agriculture, crop wild relatives have been used to improve the yields and nutritional quality of crops. Many are now at risk...

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  The Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan is organizing the International Conference on the Conservation and Use of Socio-Economically Important Wild Plants in the Fertile Crescent

International Conference on the Conservation and Use of Socio-Economically Important Wild Plants in the Fertile Crescent

Ehsan Dulloo, Conservation and Availability Programme Leader, will present his keynote speech on the ‘Current Status and Trends in World Plant Genetic...

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SAPM - Strategic Action Plan for Mesoamerica

An action plan to conserve and use the diversity of Mesoamerica

Bioversity International has been working with over 100 stakeholders to develop this 10-year action plan to strengthen the role of plant genetic...

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PAEM - Plan de Acción estratégico para Mesoamerica

Un Plan de Acción para conservar y usar la diversidad Mesoamericana

Bioversity International ha trabajado con más de 100 partes interesadas para desarrollar este plan de acción para fortalecer el papel de los recursos...

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Indian farmer. Credit: Bioversity International/C. Zanzanaini

Italy supports Bioversity International’s on-farm conservation research

With additional generous support from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation, Bioversity International has received a boost...

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Bean varieties. Credit: Bioversity International/E. Dulloo

Plant genetic resources and climate change

New book explores some of the latest perspectives about how genetic resources can contribute to achieving food security under the challenge of a...

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