Balanced meal of a staple food (rice), protein-rich food (beans), vegetables (cabbage) and a fruit (orange, avacado). Shown during a training day on dietary diversity, Vihiga County, Kenya. Credit: Bioversity International/J. Boedecker

Enabled or disabled: is the environment right for using biodiversity to improve nutrition?

A new paper discusses the benefits of biodiversity for nutrition and explores what an enabling environment for biodiversity to improve nutrition might...

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Pupunha bunches (Bactris gasipaes)

Putting biodiversity back on the menu in Brazil

New Ordinance signed on Sociobiodiversity will help to increase knowledge and promote sustainable use of native biodiversity

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Cover of Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health, a State of Knowledge Review. Credit: CBD/WHO

Not just any apricot in the fruit basket - Understanding the connections between agricultural biodiversity, human health and nutrition

Connecting Global Priorities: Biodiversity and Human Health, co-published by the CBD and WHO, brings together the state of knowledge on how...

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Protected Area Governance and Management Cover

The future of food - why protected areas are more than just a safe haven for pandas

While the wider public perception of the value of protected areas may often be as a safe haven for poster child endangered species, the real value is...

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Dry terrace in Sri Lanka. Credit: Bioversity International/S. Landersz

Plant genetic resources for climate change adaptation – new MSc course

A new MSc course in Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security includes lectures contributed by Bioversity International scientist, Danny Hunter,...

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Kenya First Lady at B4FN Stand. Credit: Kenya First Lady

The SUN shines brightly on Kenya's efforts to link nutrition and agriculture

Kenya’s First Lady, Ms. Margaret Kenyatta, welcomes efforts under the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) umbrella to bring together government ministries,...

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Panel at Biodiversity for Nutrition side event. Credit: Shawn Landersz

A step closer to mainstreaming biodiversity for improved nutrition and health

Draft guidelines to mainstream biodiversity into policies, programmes, national and regional action plans were approved at the 15th Regular Session of...

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More than 600 varieties of apples that grow in the Province of Turin, Italy, displayed at Terra Madre 2014. Photo from the Slow Food archive.

Celebrating food diversity at Terra Madre

Bioversity International research fellow Gennifer Meldrum reports from the Terra Madre - Salone Internazionale del Gusto held in Turin, Italy from 23...

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Agricultural landscape in volcanic region, Chile. Credit: Pablo.C.M BANCOIMAGENES C.L

Landscapes as sources of traditional, culturally-acceptable and nutritious food

Bioversity International Nutrition Programme Specialist Teresa Borelli and Senior Scientist Danny Hunter discuss diverse landscapes and nutrition on...

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Traditional and wild crops used in Sri Lankan cuisine. Credit: Bioversity International\S.Landersz

Unlocking the potential of wild edibles

Bioversity scientists, Danny Hunter and Teresa Borelli, explain how a four-country initiative ‘Biodiversity for food and nutrition’ is putting wild...

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