Farmers on a Sri Lankan farm where crop rotations of chilli, rice and other crops are practised, here harvesting chilli peppers. Credit: Bioversity International/S.Landersz

What has agricultural biodiversity ever done for us?

Bioversity International scientist Simon Attwood explains how the use of agricultural biodiversity can make our diets healthier, and agriculture more...

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Surya Adhikari, a Nepalese farmer and plant breeder, shows breeding selection techniques in Skrang, Sarawak, Malaysia. Credit: Bioversity International/P. Bordoni

What can social scientists do to better influence policy? Let's start with these ten tips.

Today's complex problems pose significant challenges to those making policy decisions. The work of social scientists can be crucial to understanding...

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Coffee berry that has been bored by the Coffee Borer Beetle, a small but rampant insect that can cost 50% and up of a loss in harvest for coffee farmers, Costa Rica.

Food systems for a sustainable future – interlinkages between biodiversity and agriculture

M. Ann Tutwiler, Director General, welcomes the newly published report from the recent 8th Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity, in particular, its...

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Ecosystem services and SDGs - where's the link?

Bioversity International scientists invite ecosystem services experts to take a survey to help identify which ecosystem services could positively...

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IPBES: Biodiversity central to food security

Biodiversity is central to food security and should be evaluated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) urges...

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Call for abstracts for 2016 ISHS-ProMusa Symposium

The symposium will focus on agroecological approaches to promote innovative banana production systems. Taking place from 10-15 October 2016 in...

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New digital map of Barotse speaks both the language of scientists and farmers

In light of the 8th Ecosystem Services Partnership conference, Bioversity International researcher Natalia Estrada-Carmona reveals a new digital map...

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Linking people, nature and prosperity to ecosystem services - yes we can!

How are ecosystem services linked to nature, people and prosperity? How can we shift attention from a singular emphasis on yield to healthy rural...

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Fishermen in the Barotse floodplain in Zambia. Credit: Bioversity International/T. del Rio

Looking back at 365 days of water, land and ecosystems

The CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems 2014 Annual Report highlights stories of successful partnerships, including collaboration...

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Livestock in the Barotse floodplain. Credit:T.del Río

Farming systems and how they relate to local diets in the Barotse

What do communities in the Barotse floodplain in Zambia grow and why? What are their constraints to using crop biodiversity? Read more about this...

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