Cacao pods. Credit: Bioversity International

CacaoNet Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Cacao Germplasm

The CacaoNet Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Cacao Germplasm provide information on the precautions and quarantine measures to minimize...

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French Horn plantain> Credit: Richard Markam

The Democratic Republic of Congo home to one of the highest diversity of plantains in Africa

A series of collecting missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo reveals the extent of the country’s plantain diversity. Plantains are cooking...

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New video on crop wild relatives

What role do crop wild relatives play in making agriculture more sustainable in the face of climate change? Find out in this video featuring...

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Important steps towards a global strategy for coconut conservation and use

Coconut-producing countries and international organizations to meet in Sri Lanka from 13-16 July to discuss the future of coconut genetic resources...

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Custodians of seedbank in Nepal. Credit: Bioversity International/R.Vernooy

Saving seeds locally: the role of community seedbanks

Community seedbanks play an important role in the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity – we break down the three core areas in this blog...

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PGR Secure Conference

International conference on capturing wild relative and landrace diversity for crop improvement

On 16-20 June, 150 participants from 30 countries will showcase new research and insights at the conference Enhanced genepool utilization - Capturing...

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Detail of the Crop Wild Relatives infographic by Bioversity International

Crop wild relatives - a key asset for sustainable agriculture

Since the beginnings of agriculture, crop wild relatives have been used to improve the yields and nutritional quality of crops. Many are now at risk...

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Musa International Transit Centre. Bioversity International/R. Swennen

Noah's Ark for bananas

The Independent highlights the importance of the world’s largest collection of banana germplasm, held in trust in Belgium and managed by Bioversity...

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SAPM - Strategic Action Plan for Mesoamerica

An action plan to conserve and use the diversity of Mesoamerica

Bioversity International has been working with over 100 stakeholders to develop this 10-year action plan to strengthen the role of plant genetic...

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PAEM - Plan de Acción estratégico para Mesoamerica

Un Plan de Acción para conservar y usar la diversidad Mesoamericana

Bioversity International ha trabajado con más de 100 partes interesadas para desarrollar este plan de acción para fortalecer el papel de los recursos...

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