IPBES recognizes why agrobiodiversity matters

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) report, approved by more than 130 countries, recognizes...

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Untold Tale of the Tepary

This holiday season, Bioversity International tells the story of the nutritious and resilient, yet small and underutilized tepary bean, and the...

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A Course in Nepal on Plant Genetic Resources and Resilient Seed Systems for Sustainable Food Security

Francesca Grazioli, Research Support Officer for the Cacao Genetic Resources Team, Bioversity International, reports on a training on securing...

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Traditional Sri Lankan dishes and vegetables. Credit: Bioversity International/S.Landersz

Five ways food biodiversity contributes to healthier diets

With World Food Day approaching, researchers Gina Kennedy and Dietmar Stoian explain how food biodiversity can help address hunger, malnutrition and...

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G7 leaders’ declaration on food security and nutrition

Empowering women, improving nutrition through a people-centered approach and ensuring sustainability and resilience within agriculture and food...

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IPBES: Biodiversity central to food security

Biodiversity is central to food security and should be evaluated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) urges...

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Photo: M. Ann Tutwiler, Bioversity International Director General, and Mauricio Lopes, President of Embrapa, signing the 5-year agreement to boost sustainable food systems. Credit: Embrapa

Bioversity International and Embrapa sign 5-year agreement to boost sustainable food systems

Bioversity International and Embrapa today agreed to work closely together to expand the existing knowledge base on how to use agricultural...

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A farmer harvests wheat on Miet Radie farm at El-Kalubia governorate, about 60km (37 miles) northeast of Cairo. Credit: Reuters

How the middle east can help feed the world - Ann Tutwiler and Marie Haga share their perspectives

Bioversity International's Director General Ann Tutwiler and Global Crop Diversity Trust's Executive Director Marie Haga share their perspectives in a...

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Rice terraces in Nepal. Credit: IRRI/B.Bouman

Bioversity International on Food Tank's Earth Day list

For this year's Earth Day, Food Tank highlights influential individuals and organizations which are working to promote urban agriculture and encourage...

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Consumer Behavior and Food Science Innovations for Optimal Nutrition Conference.

Consumer Behavior and Food Science Innovations for Optimal Nutrition — Sackler Conference, 26 March 2014

Bruce Cogill, Programme Leader, Nutrition and Marketing will present 'Dietary Diversity through Biodiversity in Food Systems' at the Sackler Institute...

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