A Gaharu Tree nursery in the Hutan Harapan forest, Indonesia. Credit: Bioversity International/R.Jalonen

Forest restoration needs to become climate-smart

As the world leaders gather in Bonn for the UN climate summit, a new study shows that forest restoration needs a mindset change to reach its potential...

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When the sequel is as good as the original: reporting from the second forest genetic resources training

Forestry experts Riina Jalonen and David Boshier report from a very successful Second Regional Training Course on Forest Genetic Resources, held in...

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Bioversity International joins the Congo Basin Institute

Bioversity International’s forest genetic resources researchers join forces with the Congo Basin Institute (CBI), a collaboration that aims to create...

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Going to the root of the problem with forest genetic resources training - Apply now

Teaching forestry at an Asian university or training institution? Apply now for the Second Regional Training on Forest Genetic Resources in China,...

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Catherine Pehou, a young researcher from Burkina Faso. Credit: Bioversity International/B. Vinceti

Women’s shifting rights to precious tree resources in Burkina Faso

Néré plays a significant role in the diet of rural and urban populations in Burkina Faso’s Sudano-Sahelian zone. Although women are the ones to...

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Forests patches on the lower hills of the Himalayas, Nepal. Credit: Bioversity International/G. Meldrum

Making best use of Asia’s tree diversity

Working on landscape restoration, REDD+, tree improvement or conservation planning in Asia-Pacific? Take this survey and tell us what your training...

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Research helps forests adapt to and mitigate a changing climate

Maintaining and expanding natural forest cover is therefore an essential component of an intelligent response to the climate crisis. However, given...

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Women discover different types of mango at a diversity fair in India. Credit: Bioversity International/H.Lamers

Different trees for different needs

Women and men often have distinct and complementary roles, sets of knowledge, skills, practices and preferences related to the management and...

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Forest in the lab – new film explains genetic monitoring of forests

In a new video, Bernd Degen, Head of the Institute of Forest Genetics at von Thünen Institute, Germany and one of the partners in the FORGER project,...

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Pterocarpus erinaceus germplasm sampling mission with other members of the team. From left to right: William Kwame Nuako Bandoh (in blue shirt), an official of Forestry Commission, a technician, a local person with extensive knowledge on species. Credit: William Kwame Nuako Bandoh.

Abdou-Salam Ouédraogo Fellow to map African rosewood genetic diversity in Ghana

The knowledge gap in genetic information on remaining populations of African rosewood will soon be filled through a new research project, supported by...

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