Gudrun Keding recieved poster award. Credit: Bioversity International

Putting agricultural biodiversity back on the nutrition agenda

At last week's 2nd International Congress Hidden Hunger in Stuttgart, Dr. Stephan Weise, Deputy Director General - Research gave a presentation on how...

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Carrying out nutrition training for mothers on diversifying complementary foods in Kenya. Credit: Bioversity International/G.Keding

Improving nutrition through local agricultural biodiversity in Kenya

How can agricultural biodiversity contribute to better complementary feeding  and improved health of women and children? Gudrun Keding reports from a...

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Nepalese woman cooking at a diversity fair in Nepal

Food production and processing as core aspects of nutrition-sensitive agriculture and sustainable diets

New terms such as ‘nutrition-sensitive agriculture’ and ‘sustainable diets’ are influencing policies and global programmes. Bioversity International...

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