10 videos about fruit trees in Central Asia

We present 10 videos on our work in Central Asia on the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity and their wild relatives. Learn more about...

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Tanabe working on the banana sculpture. Credit: Bioversity International

In memory of Mitsuaki Tanabe

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mitsuaki Tanabe, renowned Japanese artist and conservationist who created two banana...

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Participatory breeding of rice in Nepal. Credit: Bioversity International/B.Sthapit

New paper on rice seed networks in Nepal

A new open access paper gives us a better understanding of informal seed networks in Nepal and the farmers who are most important for safeguarding and...

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Women who collects fruits from the forests of the Western Ghats. Credit:Bioversity International/E.Hermanowicz

Through the lens: women from the Western Ghats forest

As we near International Women's Day, Ewa Hermanowicz reflects on lessons learned from the resilient women she met while filming in India.

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Maize diversity. Credit: Bioversity International/C.Zanzanaini

Adapting with crop diversity – an interview on climate change 

An interview with Bioversity International scientist Mauricio Bellon on the chapter: 'Climate change and on-farm conservation of crop landraces in...

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Meeting at the UN FAO Commission on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. ©FAO/Giuseppe Carotenuto

15th Regular Session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

The Commission on Genetic Resources will hold its Fifteenth Regular Session from 19-23 January 2015 at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in...

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Jogimara Community Seed Bank, Nepal. Credit: Bioversity International/R. Vernooy

Linking ex situ and in situ conservation in Nepal

Learn more about Bioversity International's work with our partners LI-BIRD to conserve agricultural biodiversity through the setup of community...

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Intellectual Property Rights cover

Supporting international efforts to pool and conserve crop genetic resources in times of radical legal change

Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz and the editors of Intellectual Property Rights, published by Oxford University Press, said that it is urgent that the...

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Participants creating a resource map, India. Credit:Bioversity International/Srinavas

Gender-responsive participatory research on Native Fruit Trees in India

Read how Bioversity International and partners are doing gender-responsive participatory research in the India via this post on the Landscapes for...

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Contrast of barren landscape and fruit tree orchard in Kyrgyzstan. Credit:Bioversity International/P.Quek

Fruit trees key to restoring degraded land in Central Asia

Bioversity researchers are working with national partners to restore degraded lands in Central Asia with native fruit tree species. Learn more in this...

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