Supporting the resilience of indigenous peoples during COVID-19

Following the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, the Alliance shares the following statement by our colleagues at the Indigenous...

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Minor millets are adapted to a range of marginal growing conditions and are very nutritious. They require few inputs and withstand severe biotic and abiotic stresses. Credit: Bioversity International/S.Padulosi

Making local crops work for nutrition-sensitive agriculture

A new framework will guide practitioners to use a broad portfolio of crop species to bring nutrition back to the table.

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Citrus diversity. Material, courtesy of NBPGR, displayed at Indigenous Terra Madre in Shillong, India. Credit: Bioversity International/G. Meldrum

Agricultural biodiversity for “The Future We Want” – a close-up on indigenous perspectives

Indigenous peoples from around the world gathered in Shillong, in north-east India, for the second Indigenous Terra Madre, where agricultural...

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Around 4500 farmers attended the opening of the Community Seedbank at Imiliya Koder for Tharu Communities. Credit: Bioversity International/P. Quek

New community seedbank to empower indigenous farmers in southern foothills of Himalayas

The southern foothills of the Himalayas are rich in agricultural biodiversity and home to a new seedbank to empower the local Tharu community...

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Working with potato diversity in the Andes. Photo: CIP/Jacqueline Becker

Old knowledge and new science: using traditional knowledge in CGIAR research

CGIAR reports on ways that traditional knowledge, including knowledge of crop diversity, can be developed into scalable innovations to address...

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