Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farm in Costa Rica. Credit: Bioversity International/C.Zanzanaini

The incompatibility of ecosystem-based agriculture with business thinking

A peek into the discussions about working with the private sector and ecosystem-based approaches to agriculture, from the 7th Annual Ecosystem...

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Agricultural landscape in volcanic region, Chile. Credit: Pablo.C.M BANCOIMAGENES C.L

Landscapes as sources of traditional, culturally-acceptable and nutritious food

Bioversity International Nutrition Programme Specialist Teresa Borelli and Senior Scientist Danny Hunter discuss diverse landscapes and nutrition on...

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Agricultural landscape in volcanic region, Chile. Credit: Pablo C.M BIOIMAGENES C.L

Open-access review on landscape initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean

An open-access review of integrated landscape initiatives in Latin America and the Caribbean is now available. We interviewed one of the authors,...

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Waterfall in Pacuare River, Costa Rica. Credit: kele dobrinski

Learn how to use an ecosystem services approach – two training courses

In light of World Environment Day, Bioversity International and the Natural Capital Project are offering two courses on using an ecosystem services...

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Rupa Lake landscape. Credit: LI-BIRD/M.Shrestha

Restoring the Rupa lake watershed in Nepal

15 years of using a landscape approach to conserve biodiversity are presented in this new publication by LI-BIRD and Bioversity International, showing...

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Rice terraces in Nepal. Credit: IRRI/B.Bouman

Indicators – first steps to building a resilient system

Results from field testing a set of resilience indicators, developed by Bioversity International and partners in 2011, are now informing the...

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To change the outlook of climate change, landscapes and biodiversity are part of the equation

M. Ann Tutwiler writes from the Global Landscapes Forum and offers insights on biodiversity also being part of the landscapes approach.

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World Food Day: A time to embrace the farming we want

In National Geographic, Bioversity's M. Ann Tutwiler and Cristián Samper recognize World Food Day as a time to safeguard global food security and...

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Agricultural landscape in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Climate-smart territories — An interview with Jacob van Etten

Bioversity International scientist Jacob van Etten on 'climate-smart territories' and the recent Wallace Conference in Costa Rica.

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Landscape in Nepal. Photo: Bioversity International/B. Sthapit

Which side of the fence do you sit on in the land-sparing vs land-sharing debate?

Researchers in the Bridging Conservation Agriculture Initiative, led by Bioversity International, are looking at this question from a research angle...

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