Local solutions for climate change adaptation and coffee rust management in Guatemala

A recent news blog on the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture and Food Security website highlights urgent need to identify best agroecological...

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Chili diversity. Credit: Bioversity International/C. Zanzanaini

Traits for taste: Spicing up the chilli market in Bolivia and Peru

Whether you like your chilli (Capsicum) peppers mildly spicy or ‘burn in the mouth’ hot, Peru and Bolivia have more than enough chilli varieties to...

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Cacao tree in Malaysia. Credit: Bioversity International/B.Sthapit

What to board on the Ark?

Of the 7,000 edible species in the world today, one in seven is under threat. Since there aren’t enough resources to save all of them, policymakers...

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Andean tubers displayed at a diversity fair in Peru. Credit: Bioversity International/A. Drucker

Noah’s Ark on a budget: How to decide which diversity to safeguard?

In a recent paper, Bioversity International researchers show how a mathematically rigorous approach can help policymakers make decisions about what...

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Google Earth interface used to validate modelled distribution maps of Brazil nut in the Americas

Science 2.0: Species experts help to improve distribution models through Google Earth mapping tool

Botanist, forester and other expert opinions should be used to validate and fine-tune the outcomes of the popular environmental envelope modeling...

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Maarten van Zonneveld, Associate Scientist in diversity analysis for conservation and use, based in Bioversity International's Colombia office.

How studying peach palm in tropical Latin America can help us understand the potential of diversity.

A new open access research paper looks at peach palm in tropical Latin America and its implications for biodiversity conservation, natural resource...

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