Ann Tutwiler, Director General, Bioversity International

Looking beyond national borders to adapt farming systems to climate change

As the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP23) draws to a close in Bonn, Ann Tutwiler explains how adapting farming systems to climate change may...

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One of the three winners of the Women and Agricultural Biodiversity Photo Story contest. These two women are successful maize seed producers, engaged with a community-based seed production group in the hilly Sasha village of Nepal, in the Dhading district. I went there to evaluate the performance of improved maize. After receiving technical training from the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), they swap local maize with high yielding improved maize. Moreover, they incorporate soil conservation methods like intercropping, FYM application and bio-pesticide. Credit: S. Rasaily

Life-changing Nepalese maize - an interview with one of the photo contest winners

One of our photo contest winners Santosh Rasaily talked to us about the ladies in his photo: two women from the mountainous region of Nepal who were...

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Maize diversity. Credit: Bioversity International/C.Zanzanaini

Adapting with crop diversity – an interview on climate change 

An interview with Bioversity International scientist Mauricio Bellon on the chapter: 'Climate change and on-farm conservation of crop landraces in...

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Comunidades en Guatemala guardan la diversidad del maíz

La región de Huehuetenango, en las tierras altas de los Cuchumatanes al occidente de Guatemala, es un importante centro de diversificación del maíz.

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Communities saving maize diversity in Guatemala

The Huehuetenango region, in the Cuchumatanes highlands of Western Guatemala, is an important centre of diversification for maize.

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