Identifying local solutions in the Barotse Floodplain for sustainable agricultural development

To develop locally relevant strategies that improve food security, nutrition, and conservation, researchers employed a gendered ecosystem services...

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Researchers build the go-to dataset for smallholder farms

Farmer input is essential to tackling global challenges of climate change, rural poverty and nutrition. A new data collection tool aims to build the...

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Ushauri: agricultural advice is just a phone call away

Researchers explain how user-centered design produced a mobile platform (named 'Advice' in Swahili) that matches agricultural extension services with...

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Empowering communities to use agrobiodiversity for nutritious diets

In a new GIZ-funded project in Kenya and Ethiopia, communities will develop their own action plans to improve nutrition and diet diversity with...

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ClimMob – a software for crowdsourcing climate smart-agriculture

A brand new Bioversity International-developed software - ClimMob - turns the research paradigm on its head and makes it easier for farmers to...

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Local solutions for climate change adaptation and coffee rust management in Guatemala

A recent news blog on the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture and Food Security website highlights urgent need to identify best agroecological...

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Men, women and children watch a film about research done in their village in Barotse, Zambia. Credit: Bioversity International/N. Estrada-Carmona

Diversifying diets in Barotse - local communities see the landscape with new eyes

Bioversity International researcher Natalia Estrada-Carmona blogs about a recent trip to Barotse, Zambia where her research group screened films as...

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Inspecting the quality of the first seeds deposited in the Gumbu village community seedbank, South Africa. Credit: Bioversity International/R. Vernooy

Stepping it up for gender equality at Bioversity International

On the occasion of the International Women's Day, which this year urges us to pledge for gender parity and equal rights for all, Bioversity...

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Citizen farmers Papua New Guinea. Credit: Bioversity International/P. Quek

Tips for communicating research findings to women and men

Communicating research in gender-responsive ways is an important part of Bioversity International's gender research activities. In light of...

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Pilot testing of the priority setting methodology in Ma village, Vietnam. Credit: Bioversity International/R.Vernooy

New six-step methodology employs farmers’ knowledge and experiences to determine research priorities

Bioversity International’s scientist Ronnie Vernooy blogs about a new six-step methodology that facilitates participatory processes with men and women...

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