Bananas and climate change: what is going to happen to one of the world’s favourite fruits?

Bioversity International scientists analyze the impact of climate change on banana cultivation in a new FAO book. Bananas are a key crop for millions...

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Different bean varieties in Uganda. Credit: Bioversity International/D.Jarvis

Mixing it up in Uganda: Biodiversity bugs pests

Bioversity International's latest research in Uganda is showing increased evidence that growing different varieties (mixtures) of crops together can...

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Integrating agricultural biodiversity into farming systems is essential

M. Ann Tutwiler, Director General, Bioversity International, advocates for greater use of agricultural biodiversity in farming systems at last week's...

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A bunch of GCTCV 219 banana, a variety resistant to Fusarium wilt Tropical Race 4. Credit: BAPNET

New disease-resistant banana variety accepted in Japanese market

In the Philippines, a banana variety resistant to Fusarium wilt is now being exported to the Japanese market, offering new income opportunities for...

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Banana cultivar infected with fusarium wilt, Australia. Credit: B.Cassey, courtesy of Musarama

A pathogen on the move: Fusarium wilt TR4 now in Africa

In late 2013, fusarium wilt tropical race 4 (TR4) was found for the first time in Africa. Find out more in this Annual Report 2013 story.

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Agustin Molina, on behalf of Bioversity International, receives an award from DA-BAR, the Philippines Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Agricultural Research. Credit: Bioversity International/V. Sinohin

Bioversity International banana work in the Philippines highlighted by key national partner

Bioversity International received a recognition award from one of our key national partners in the Philippines, the Department of Agriculture - Bureau...

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An edible and seedless Cavendish banana next to its ancestor, the wild species Musa acuminata. Credit: CIRAD/A.D'Hont

Al Jazeera writes about the need to diversify banana production

In a recent Al Jazeera article, Dr Stephan Weise, Deputy Director General of Research at Bioversity, explains the need to diversify banana production...

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M. Ann Tutwiler, DG Bioversity International, John Atkin, COO Syngenta, Richard Munang, UNEP Regional Climate Change Programme Coordinator at Feeding the World 2014. Used with permission.

The agricultural biodiversity connection to feeding the world - DG Dialogues

Following her speech at the Economist's Feeding the World event earlier this month, Bioversity International Director General, M. Ann Tutwiler, blogs...

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New strain of banana disease arrives in Africa

Bioversity International and partners issue joint statement after a destructive strain of a banana wilt disease, that has devastated plantations in...

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How agricultural biodiversity can help prevent food loss - A focus for World Food Day

Bioversity International Director General, M. Ann Tutwiler, blogs about why she chose to highlight the use of agricultural biodiversity to stem pest...

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