Farmers display of diversity from Cachilaya at the final IFAD-NUS meeting in Bolivia. Photo: Bioversity International/G.Meldrum

Celebrating the diversity of Andean crops in Bolivia

Research fellow Gennifer Meldrum writes about stakeholders coming together in Bolivia to celebrate achievements in using and safeguarding Andean crop...

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Quinoa growing in Bolivia. Credit: Bioversity International/S. Padulosi

What are the environmental and social consequences of increased demand for gluten-free grains?

In a recent article in The Guardian, Bioversity International Senior Economist Adam Drucker shares his thoughts on how farmers' livelihoods in...

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Quinoa fields in Peru. Credit: Bioversity International/A.Drucker

Updated descriptors for quinoa and its wild relatives

In 2013, as part of activities to mark the 2013 International Year of Quinoa, Bioversity International and FAO released Descriptors for quinoa and its...

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Quinoa growing in field, Peru. Credit: Bioversity International/A.Camacho

New book puts the spotlight on Andean ‘super grains’

Launched at the Fourth World Congress on Quinoa held in 2013 in Ibarra, Ecuador, the book Biodiversity of andean grains: Balancing market potential...

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Minor millet, India. Credit: Bioversity International/S. Padulosi

A call to remember the forgotten crops - interview with M.S. Swaminathan

World Food Prize laureate M.S. Swaminathan calls for a new effort to revitalize the orphan crops left behind by the Green Revolution, and wants the UN...

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Quinoa descriptors presented at the International Quinoa Congress in Milan

The International Quinoa Congress opens today in Milan, Italy. Bioversity International's scientist Adriana Alercia is presenting the quinoa...

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Food for thought on Andean super grains

A new book Biodiversity of Andean grains: Balancing market potential and sustainable livelihoods puts the spotlight on Andean super grains: quinoa,...

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Descriptors for quinoa and its wild relatives

As part of activities to celebrate the 2013 International Year of Quinoa, Bioversity International and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN...

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