Diverse and colorful landscape bridges agriculture and conservation in Peru

Bridging solutions for the post-2015 agenda

M. Ann Tutwiler’s latest blog post urges global leaders to join forces as discussions for climate change solutions take place this week in Bonn at the...

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Waterfall in Pacuare River, Costa Rica. Credit: kele dobrinski

Learn how to use an ecosystem services approach – two training courses

In light of World Environment Day, Bioversity International and the Natural Capital Project are offering two courses on using an ecosystem services...

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Sierra del Rosario Biosphere Reserve in Cuba. Credit: Bioversity International/P.Bordoni

Traditional farming communities key stewards of resilience

Traditional farming communities, by adopting new crops and varieties and retaining those already there, contribute to the resilience of agricultural...

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Ecosystem services and resilience infographic

Ecosystem services and resilience

How do ecosystem services contribute to agricultural productivity and what agricultural practices can improve their delivery? Find out in an...

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Bolivian farmers planting traditional potato varieties. Credit: Bioversity international/P. Bordoni

Biodiversity for smallholders: A dialogue between Bioversity International and IFAD

Last week Bioversity International met with IFAD to discuss biodiversity-based approaches and methods to improve the resilience and nutritional...

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M. Ann Tutwiler, DG Bioversity International, John Atkin, COO Syngenta, Richard Munang, UNEP Regional Climate Change Programme Coordinator at Feeding the World 2014. Used with permission.

The agricultural biodiversity connection to feeding the world - DG Dialogues

Following her speech at the Economist's Feeding the World event earlier this month, Bioversity International Director General, M. Ann Tutwiler, blogs...

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Rice terraces in Nepal. Credit: IRRI/B.Bouman

Indicators – first steps to building a resilient system

Results from field testing a set of resilience indicators, developed by Bioversity International and partners in 2011, are now informing the...

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Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2014

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture 2014

Bioversity International's Director General M. Ann Tutwiler and Deputy Director General-Research, Stephan Weise spoke at the Global Forum for Food and...

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Working with potato diversity in the Andes. Photo: CIP/Jacqueline Becker

Old knowledge and new science: using traditional knowledge in CGIAR research

CGIAR reports on ways that traditional knowledge, including knowledge of crop diversity, can be developed into scalable innovations to address...

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Harvesting beans in Colombia. Photo: CIAT/Neil Palmer

A farmer's dilemma: To sell or to eat?

A Thomson Reuters report by CIAT highlights work in Macaregua, Colombia by Bioversity International with CGIAR partners to identify sources of...

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