Forest fact or fiction

Last Wednesday marked the seventh International Day of Forests, an occasion to celebrate our forests and raise awareness of the many issues our trees...

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Krishi Pandita agriculturalist award granted to custodian farmer in India

A close associate of the Tropical Fruit Tree Project, Prasad Rama Hegde, recently received the prestigious Krishi Pandita award for his work on...

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New publication reveals that farmers are the best source for conservation practices

How do we conserve the amazing diversity of tropical fruit trees in a way that brings benefits to the people who look after them? Why don’t we ask the...

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Research through theatre – using participatory methods to spark discussion and empower local communities

Marketing may be a difficult concept to explain to people who are involved in only some stages of the value chain. Theatre can be a useful tool to...

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Planting trees at the Bangalore Living Laborary Ceremony. Photo: Bioversity International/A. Gupta

A living laboratory for rare fruit trees, roots, tubers and medicinal plants in Bangalore

India’s first ever genetic garden opens to safeguard and study rare plant species that are important for food and medicine, in one of the world’s 35...

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Women who collects fruits from the forests of the Western Ghats. Credit:Bioversity International/E.Hermanowicz

Through the lens: women from the Western Ghats forest

As we near International Women's Day, Ewa Hermanowicz reflects on lessons learned from the resilient women she met while filming in India.

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Participants creating a resource map, India. Credit:Bioversity International/Srinavas

Gender-responsive participatory research on Native Fruit Trees in India

Read how Bioversity International and partners are doing gender-responsive participatory research in the India via this post on the Landscapes for...

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Offerings to the Sun God at Chhat Puja. Credit: Somashekhar BS

Cultural festivals connect biodiversity and conservation

In India and Nepal, Chhath Puja is an important festival that helps to safeguard several native fruit species, especially the pomelo, which is part of...

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Mr Ranga Reddy's mango orchard, India. Credit: Bioversity International/Somashekhar BS

Inherited orchards are a treasure trove of mango diversity in southern India

Take a virtual visit to Ranga Reddy's mango orchard, one of our custodian farmers in southern India. His orchard is home to 560 trees that make up 18...

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Preparing kokum juice, India. Credit: Bioversity International/E.Hermanowicz

Bearing the fruits of action

Feature article in the Deccan Herald - Bioversity International gender fellow Narasimha Hegde writes about our work with women's groups in India to...

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