Local apricot variety, Uzbekistan. Credit: Bioversity International/K.Baymetov

Increasing the profile of crop diversity in Uzbekistan

Bioversity International and partners joined forces to address the challenges to the existing system of seed and planting material production in...

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An Uzbek farmer proudly showing his grapes. Credit: Bioversity International/P. Sands

Uzbek farmers get a livelihood boost from local fruit tree conservation

After five years of activity, an impact assessment reveals a positive trend in livelihoods linked to increased conservation and use of Uzbekistan’s...

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10 videos about fruit trees in Central Asia

We present 10 videos on our work in Central Asia on the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity and their wild relatives. Learn more about...

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Contrast of barren landscape and fruit tree orchard in Kyrgyzstan. Credit:Bioversity International/P.Quek

Fruit trees key to restoring degraded land in Central Asia

Bioversity researchers are working with national partners to restore degraded lands in Central Asia with native fruit tree species. Learn more in this...

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Harvesting apples in Kyrgystan. Credit: K.Turgunbaev

Promoting fruit tree diversity in Central Asia

Apple, apricot, almond, cherry, grape, pistachio and walnut are some of the many temperate fruit trees that originated in Central Asia. Find out more...

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Walnuts, Uzbekistan. Credit: Bioversity International/P. Sands

Bioversity guidelines part of CBD resources on access and benefit sharing

The Convention on Biological Diversity has included Bioversity International’s Guidelines on access and benefit sharing in research projects in their...

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