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An internship at Bioversity International is a great opportunity for talented students to acquire practical experience in their field of specialization while gaining a better understanding of the work of Bioversity International and CGIAR.

Internships are normally offered for a maximum period of 12 months and include a modest stipend to cover essential expenses.

To find out more about eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, click here.

To apply online to the general Internship Roster, please do so on our Current Vacancies page.

Please note that Bioversity International will only contact those applicants to whom we may be able to offer an internship. Applications will be retained by the organization for a maximum of 12 months.  

Sponsored Internship Programmes

  • Princeton University International Internship Program
  • University of British Columbia - Biodiversity Research: Integrative Training and Education (BRITE)
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Meet one of our interns

After finishing my bachelor in biology and gaining first work experiences, I realized that I wanted to learn more about the management of natural resources and social mechanisms that can guide us towards a more sustainable future. The Masters program provided me with theoretical knowledge on these issues but only while working as an intern in Bioversity International’s office in Serdang, Malaysia, did I really feel like  I was contributing to these ideals by putting my knowledge into practice.

The three-month internship was a truly inspiring period and I benefitted from being immersed in an environment that was very stimulating for a young scientist at the beginning of a career. During my time at Bioversity I co-edited a special issue on gender-responsive participatory research for sustainable forest management. The special issue is soon to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. Working closely together with the first authors who had carried out their research in the context of the Gender Research Fellowship Program, I learned a lot about the design, the tools and the analysis of participatory research projects. Besides, I also had the chance to attend two conferences and a workshop related to environmental management and climate change that were very thought provoking and excellent networking opportunities.

My internship was a great experience to meet, work and learn together with people from all over the world. I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm and passion of these people and the energy that they put in their daily work for preserving agricultural and forest biodiversity. I met many people that have become great examples for my career. In particular the interesting discussions and the close guidance by my two internship supervisors Marlène Elias and Riina Jalonen were very inspiring and motivating for my professional life. I experienced the importance of gender-responsive and participatory methods for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. What makes it so valuable is that it is a research approach that engages with local people, their needs and their priorities. Also, it is a research approach that is not one sided, but rather a two-way process of sharing knowledge and experience. The internship convinced me that I needed to learn more about gender-responsive participatory research and, while keeping in touch with my supervisors, I was offered a collaboration for embarking in such research for my Master thesis.

The internship at Bioversity opened up new career perspectives, it was a chance for co-authoring my first scientific paper and laid the foundation for further collaborations. It was a unique opportunity to develop my professional skills while engaging with both exciting research topics and research approaches and, most importantly, meeting very inspiring and brilliant people.

Alessandra Grosse is currently enrolled in the Environmental Governance Masters program at the University of Freiburg, Germany.