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Temporary staff

Bioversity International sometimes has opportunities for temporary staff to help us on specific support-related tasks which may last from just a few days to a maximum of 11 months.  

Tasks are usually support-related and relate to the following categories:

  • administration: to provide general or specialist support such as finance, HR, administrative services, IT or communications.
  • scientific: to provide specialist support to our scientific research staff to better understand the use and conservation of agricultural and forest biodiversity for improved livelihoods, nutrition, sustainability and productive & resilient ecosystems. Applicants would normally be expected to hold a degree in a scientific field and have related professional experience.

If you want to be considered for temporary work, please apply online to the Temporary Staffing Roster, selecting the most appropriate profile. You can do this in our Job Vacancies Page


Consultants are contracted for a limited period of time to provide specialized professional expertise, skills or knowledge. To be eligible as a consultant, the incumbent must possess all the professional qualifications (education and experience) to satisfy the specific requirements of the consultancy. Terms and conditions for consultancies vary and are set with reference to the relevant labour market and specific skills of the consultant.

If you want to be considered for consultancy opportunities, please apply online to one of our two temporary Rosters - scientific or administrative - selecting the most appropriate profile. You can do this in our Job Vacancies page.  

Please note

Bioversity International will only contact those applicants to whom it may be able to offer a temporary position.
Applications for temporary work will be retained by the organization for a maximum of 12 months.

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