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Bioversity International offers a dynamic and multicultural work environment with staff from over 30 countries specializing in diverse fields provide a truly international workplace.

Professional growth

Staff development is an investment in the future of the organization and the individual. Bioversity International wishes to encourage staff to both maintain and improve their skills. As such, Bioversity International supports staff development opportunities, including group training, workshops and individual training courses.  

Performance based incentives

Bioversity International has a performance management system which helps staff members achieve their yearly goals, encourages career development within the organization and is linked to a reward system.

Diversity and inclusion

Bioversity International's paramount consideration in the recruitment of staff is to secure the highest standards of competence and commitment to Bioversity International's mission and values.

As an equal opportunity employer with a global mandate, Bioversity International believes that the diversity of its staff contributes to research effectiveness and organizational excellence and impact.

To increase staff diversity, Bioversity International particularly encourages applications from women and/or nationals of developing countries.

Core Values

Core values

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