Nankya, Rose

Program Specialist, Genetic Diversity, Productivity and Resilience

Ramirez, Marleni

Regional Representative, Central and South America

Rietveld, Anne

Associate Expert Value Chain Development and Gender Focal Point for the CGIAR Research Programs on 'Roots, Tubers and Bananas' and 'Humid Tropics'.

Snook, Laura

Honorary Research Fellow, Management and Conservation of Forest and Tree Resources

Staver, Charles

Theme Leader, Production and Marketing of Bananas and Tree Crops

Taedoumg, Evariste Hermann

Scientific Assistant

Thomas, Evert

Scientist, Conservation and Use of Forest Genetic Resources in Latin America

Tinzaara, William

Scientist, Integrated Pests and Disease Management Specialist

Turdieva, Muhabbat

Regional Project Coordinator

Vezina, Anne

Science Communication Specialist