Atkinson, Rachel

Associate Scientist, Ecosystem Restoration

Bai, Keyu

Scientist, Associate Coordinator

Beggi, Francesca

Associate Scientist

Bergamini, Nadia

Research Assistant

Blomme, Guy

Scientist, Integrated Banana and Enset Systems

Borelli, Teresa

Programme Specialist

Castillo Rojas, Cindy

Laboratory Assistant

Cenci, Alberto

Associate Scientist

Chase, Rachel

Research Assistant

Dandin, Shankar

Liaison Officer, Bengaluru Project Office

DeClerck, Fabrice

Senior Scientist, Agricultural Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Drucker, Adam

Principal Economist

Dulloo, Mohammad Ehsan

Team Leader, Integrated Conservation Strategies

Duminil, Jérôme

Associate Scientist and Sub-Saharan Forest Genetic Resources Network (SAFORGEN) Network Coordinator

Ekesa-Onyango, Beatrice

Scientist, Nutrition

Ekué, Marius

Scientific Coordinator, Identification of Tree Species and Geographical Origin

Elias, Marlène

Senior Scientist, Gender Research and Integration Leader

Estrada-Carmona, Natalia

Associate Scientist, Agricultural biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Fadda, Carlo

Director, Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture

Fongar, Andrea

Associate Scientist, Nutrition

Gaisberger, Hannes

GIS Specialist

Gauchan, Devendra

National Project Manager

Grazioli, Francesca

Junior Professional Officer, Cacao Genetic Resources

Guignon, Valentin

Bioinformatics Specialist

Halewood, Michael

Head of Policy Unit

Hunter, Danny

Global Project Coordinator, Senior Scientist

Jalonen, Riina

Scientist, Conservation and Use of Forest Genetic Diversity

Jarvis, Devra I.

Principal Scientist

Jones, Sarah

Associate Scientist, Sustainable Agricultural Production

Julia Boedecker

Associate Scientist

Kanchanarak, Tania

Forest and Tree Genetic Diversity

Karamura, Deborah

Musa germplasm scientist

Karamura, Eldad

Senior Scientist/Regional Representative, Eastern and Southern Africa

Kemalasari, Della

GIS Specialist Consultant

Kencharaddi, Hanamaraddi

Research Associate, Tropical Fruit Conservation

Kettle, Christopher J.

Science Domain Leader, Forest Genetic Resources and Restoration

Krohn, Hans

International Musa Germplasm Transit Centre Genebank Cryopreservation Technician

Kumar Nallur, Krishna

Regional Representative, South and Central Asia

Laliberté, Brigitte

Scientist on Cacao Genetic Resources, Coordination of the Global Network for Cacao Genetic Resources and the Cocoa of Excellence Programme

Lamers, Hugo

Associate Scientist, Socio-Economics and Marketing

Lehrer, Karen

Partnership Support Officer and Graphic Design Specialist

Lhommeau, Annabelle

Initiative Manager – Productive and resilient farms, forests and landscapes

Lizano Quesada, Daniela

Research Assistant

Loo, Judy

Honorary Research Fellow

López Noriega, Isabel

Legal Specialist – Scientist

Maggioni, Lorenzo

Secretary of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources

Mathur, Prem Narain

Honorary Research Fellow

Meldrum, Gennifer

Research Officer, Sustainable Food Systems

Morimoto, Yasu

Associate Scientist, Ethnobotany/Genetic Diversity

Mudiovo Induli, Irene

Communications Officer, Bioversity International Kenya

Nabuuma, Deborah

Research Fellow, Nutrition

Nankya, Rose

Program Specialist, Genetic Diversity, Productivity and Resilience

Ngo-Eyok, Suzanne

Initiative Manager – Genetic Resources Conservation and Use, and Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems

Oduor, Francis Odhiambo

Consultant, Nutrition

Otieno, Gloria

Associate Scientist, Genetic Resources and Food Security Policy

Padulosi, Stefano

Senior Scientist, Integrated Conservation Methodologies and Use

Panis, Bartholomeus

Senior Scientist, Banana Conservation

Piette, Bart

International Musa Germplasm Transit Centre Genebank Research Technician

Ramirez, Marleni

Regional Representative, Central and South America

Remans, Roseline

Associate Research Scientist, the Earth Institute Columbia University/Consultant, Bioversity International

Rietveld, Anne

Associate Expert, Value Chain Development and Gender Focal Point for 'CGIAR RTB' and 'Humid Tropics'

Rouard, Mathieu

Bioinformatics Scientist

Roux, Nicolas

Theme Leader, Genetic Resources Conservation and Use

Ruas, Max

Information System Analyst

Sardos, Julie

Genetic Resources Scientist

Snook, Laura

Honorary Research Fellow, Management and Conservation of Forest and Tree Resources

Staver, Charles

Theme Leader, Production and Marketing of Bananas and Tree Crops

Taedoumg, Evariste Hermann

Scientific Assistant

Termote, Céline

Scientist, Agricultural biodiversity and dietary diversity

Thomas, Evert

Scientist, Conservation and Use of Forest Genetic Resources in Latin America

Tinzaara, William

Scientist, Integrated Pests and Disease Management Specialist

Turdieva, Muhabbat

Regional Project Coordinator

van de Gevel, Jeske

Associate Scientist, Genetic Diversity

van Etten, Jacob

Senior Scientist and Team Leader 'Information Services and Seed Supplies'

Vernooy, Ronnie

Genetic Resources Policy Specialist

Vezina, Anne

Science Communication Specialist

Vinceti, Barbara

Scientist, Forest Genetic Resources

Zhang, Zongwen

Regional representative, South-East Asia