Alphabetical list

Maggioni, Lorenzo

Secretary of the European Cooperative Programme for Plant Genetic Resources

Malloch-Brown, Lady

Chair of Bioversity International UK Board of Trustees.

Member of Bioversity International Inc. US Board of Trustees.

Independent Humanitarian...

Maria, Loredana

Programme Assistant, Farms, forests and landscapes research initiative

Marimo, Pricilla

Associate Scientist


Marton-Lefèvre, Julia

Chair, Alliance Board of Trustees

Mathur, Prem Narain

Honorary Research Fellow

Meldrum, Gennifer

Research Officer, Sustainable Food Systems

Menza, Gianpiero

Private Sector Engagement Coordinator

Miwanda, Rachel

Administrative Assistant

Mohapatra, Trilochan

Member of the Alliance Board of Trustees

Molina, Agustin B.

Honorary Research Fellow and BAPNET Coordinator

Morimoto, Yasu

Associate Scientist, Ethnobotany/Genetic Diversity

Mudiovo Induli, Irene

Communications Officer, Bioversity International Kenya

Muriel, Juliana

Economist, Gender Specialist