Alphabetical list

Ekué, Marius

Scientific Coordinator, Identification of Tree Species and Geographical Origin

Elias, Marlène

Senior Scientist, Gender Research and Integration Leader

Engels, Jan

Honorary Research Fellow

Estrada-Carmona, Natalia

Associate Scientist, Agricultural biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Eyzaguirre, Pablo

Senior Scientist

Fadda, Carlo

Director, Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture

Falcetta, Martina

Administrative Support

Fanzo, Jessica

Member of Bioversity International Inc, US Board of Trustees

Ferreira de Souza Dias, Braulio

Member of the Alliance Board of Trustees

Fongar, Andrea

Associate Scientist, Nutrition

Frankopan, Christina

Member of Bioversity International UK Board of Trustees

Finance Professional

Fungo, Robert

Consultant, Nutrition

Gaisberger, Hannes

GIS Specialist

Gallo, Pablo

Graphic Designer

Garruccio, Maria

Manager, Information and Research Support Services

Gauchan, Devendra

National Project Manager

Gehring, Maria

Programme Budget Officer

Giampieri, Francesca

Information and Research Support Specialist

Glover, Melanie

Senior Budget Officer

Gotor, Elisabetta

Leader, Performance, Innovation and Strategic Analysis for Impact