Alphabetical list

Halewood, Michael

Head of Policy Unit

Harmann, Karen

Senior Accountant

Hausmann, Carl

Member of Bioversity International Board of Trustees

Huie, Annie

Senior Partnerships Specialist

Hunter, Danny

Global Project Coordinator, Senior Scientist

Hutchinson, Sara

Programme Assistant

Jalonen, Riina

Scientist, Conservation and Use of Forest Genetic Diversity

Jarvis, Devra I.

Principal Scientist

Jogo, Wellington

Associate Expert/Socio-economist

Johnson, Vincent

Process Manager and Science Editor

Jones, Sarah

Associate Scientist, Sustainable Agricultural Production

Julia Boedecker

Associate Scientist

Kalibata, Agnes M.

Member of Bioversity International Board of Trustees

Kanchanarak, Tania

Forest and Tree Genetic Diversity

Karamura, Deborah

Musa germplasm scientist

Karamura, Eldad

Senior Scientist/Regional Representative, Eastern and Southern Africa

Kemalasari, Della

GIS Specialist Consultant

Kencharaddi, Hanamaraddi

Research Associate, Tropical Fruit Conservation

Kennedy, Gina

Theme leader, Diet Diversity for Nutrition and Health

Kettaneh, Gillian

Member of the Bioversity International UK Board of Trustees