Alphabetical list

Panis, Bartholomeus

Senior Scientist, Banana Conservation

Petraglia, Marcia

Programme Assistant

Piette, Bart

International Musa Germplasm Transit Centre Genebank Research Technician

Polge, Barbara

Administrative and Finance Assistant

Poulos, Allison

Research Planning and Monitoring Specialist

Ramirez, Marleni

Regional Representative, Central and South America

Raneri, Jessica

Nutrition Research Specialist

Remans, Roseline

Associate Research Scientist, the Earth Institute Columbia University/Consultant, Bioversity International

Restrepo, Juan Lucas

Director General, Bioversity International

Reyes Henkel, Magali

Director, Finance and Corporate Services

Rietveld, Anne

Associate Expert Value Chain Development and Gender Focal Point for the CGIAR Research Programs on 'Roots, Tubers and Bananas' and 'Humid Tropics'.

Rouard, Mathieu

Bioinformatics Scientist

Roux, Nicolas

Theme Leader, Genetic Resources Conservation and Use

Ruas, Max

Information System Analyst

Sardos, Julie

Genetic Resources Scientist

Scherr, Sara

Member of Bioversity International Inc US Board of Trustees

Semakula, Christopher

Driver, Messenger, Field Assistant

Smith, Allison Grove

Initiative Manager – Effective genetic resources conservation and use

Snook, Laura

Honorary Research Fellow, Management and Conservation of Forest and Tree Resources

Spellman, Olga

Science Writer, Editor and Process Manager