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Attwood, Simon

Team Leader of Ecological Intensification of Farming Systems group

Simon conducts, designs and contributes to research and outreach that aims to deliver improved productivity, more nutritious diets, positive environmental outcomes and policy change in a range of agricultural systems. He is passionate about bringing the wealth of existing scientific evidence to bear on issues and problems that are directly relevant to smallholder farmers, whilst also integrating local knowledge. Ways in which he endeavours to do this include making sustainable intensification locally relevant and actionable through policy and practice, measuring and communicating the many aspects of agricultural biodiversity, and making more explicit linkages between wild biodiversity and agricultural biodiversity.

In the past, Simon concentrated on developing biodiversity action plans in South East Asia, climate change adaption in fishing and farming communities in the Pacific, agri-environment scheme development and deployment in Australia, PhD research on land-use configuration and ecosystem service delivery, biodiversity conservation in complex and contested landscapes. Above all, he aimed to ensure that research is embedded in policy and practice.


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PhD, University of Southern Queensland, Australia — The impacts of agricultural intensification on arthropod assemblages at global and local scales

BSc (Hons) Ecology — School of Biological Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK

Publication highlights:

Attwood, S. J. Park, S.E., Loos, J. Phillips, M. Mills, D., McDougall, C. (2017) Does sustainable intensification offer a pathway to improved food security for aquatic agricultural system-dependent communities? In: Oborn et al. (Eds) Sustainable Intensification in Smallholder Agriculture: An Integrated Systems Research Approach, Earthscan from Routledge.

Attwood, Simon J., Sarah E. Park, Paul Marshall, John H. Fanshawe and Hannes Gaisberger , 'An Argument for Integrating Wild and Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation', in Routledge Handbook of Agricultural Biodiversity ed. Danny Hunter, Luigi Guarino, Charles Spillane and Peter C. McKeown.  

Dudley, N., Attwood, S., Goulson, D., Jarvis, D., Bharucha, Z.P. and Pretty, J. How should conservationists respond to pesticides as a driver of biodiversity loss in agroecosystems?Biological Conservation