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Beggi, Francesca

An Italian national, Francesca Beggi joined Bioversity International in 2015 as a CIM-GIZ Integrated Expert.

She brings insight in soil biology and plant ecology to support the integration of soil biodiversity as a component of agrobiodiversity within Bioversity International's programmes. In India, she works on developing prototypes of scalable methods that would enable farmers and school children to assess soil health under different farming practices, in different agro-ecological regions.

In her role, she also works on strengthening Bioversity International’s partnership with German universities and organizations, as well as Indian local institutions, NGOs and farmer communities.

In the past 4 years, during her PhD studies, Francesca worked with ICRISAT in Niger and India on a research project funded by the German Ministry for Cooperation (BMZ) aiming at tackling the abiotic production constraints in the cereal-based agricultural systems of the West African Sahel. She focused on physiological and plant nutrition aspects involved in the adaptation of pearl millet to low soil phosphorus and drought.


PhD, Agriculture, University of Kassel, Germany
MSc, Plant Ecology, University of Parma, Italy
BSc, Biology, University of Parma, Italy

Publication highlights:
Tolerant pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (L.) R. Br.) varieties to low soil P have higher transpiration efficiency and lower flowering delay than sensitive ones. Beggi F, Falalou H, Bürkert A and Vadez V. Plant and Soil (2015) 389: 89-108

Overcoming phosphorus deficiency in West African pearl millet and sorghum production systems: promising options for crop improvement. Gemenet DC, Leiser WL, Beggi F, Hermann LH, Vadez V, Rattunde HFW, Weltzien E, Hash CT, Buerkert A and Haussmann BIG. Frontiers in Plant Science (2016) doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.01389