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Bergamini, Nadia

Nadia Bergamini joined Bioversity International in 2009. Since then she has been giving scientific assistance in the implementation of projects on the conservation and use of Neglected and Underutilized species in India, Nepal, Bolivia, Yemen and Peru, and on the integration of ecological functions across wild and cultivated landscapes in protected areas in Cuba. She is also collaborating with the UN University of advance Studies in Yokohama, Japan on the development and testing on Indicators of Resilience in Socio-Ecologial Production Landscapes as part of a collaborative activity under the Satoyama Initiative.

Before joining Bioversity International, Nadia worked for eight years, as a consultant at the Fisheries Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. There she was responsible for the preparation and maintenance of fisheries fact sheets which were part of the Fisheries Global Information System, besides managing global databases on fishing fleets.



MSc in Ecology, University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy

Publication highlights:

Bergamini, N., S. Padulosi, S. Bala Ravi and N. Yenagi. 2013. Minor millets in India: neglected crops go mainstream. Chapter in: Diversifying Food and Diets Using Agricultural Biodiversity to Improve Nutrition and Health, Earthscan, 2013

Bergamini, N., Blasiak, R., Eyzaguirre, P., Ichikawa, K., Mijatovic, D., Nakao, F., Subramanian, S. 2013 Indicators of Resilience in Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes (SEPLs). UNU-IAS Policy Report