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Borelli, Teresa

Teresa Borelli, Programme Specialist at Bioversity International

Programme Specialist

A biologist/ecologist by training, Teresa provides scientific and technical back-stopping to the UNEP/FAO/GEF project 'Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation and sustainable use for improved human nutrition and well-being', coordinated by Bioversity. With a keen interest in communicating science, Teresa is also exploring innovative approaches to communicating project outputs and has set up the project Newsletter and BFN Global Portal.



BSc Marine Zoology, Bangor University, North Wales, UK

MSc Advanced Ecology, Durham University, UK

Publication highlights:

Fanzo J. Hunter D., Borelli T. and Mattei F. Eds. (2013) Diversifying Food and Diets – Using agricultural biodiversity to improve nutrition and health. Routledge, UK

Dulloo, M.E., Hunter D. and Borelli T. (2010) Ex Situ and In Situ Conservation of Agricultural Biodiversity: Major Advances and Research Needs Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca: 38(2):114-122