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DeClerck, Fabrice

Fabrice DeClerck

Senior Scientist, Agricultural Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Fabrice DeClerck joined Bioversity in January 2012 to lead the organization's research on agrobiodiversity and ecosystem services.

Much of his recent work is centred on multifunctional landscapes, particularly the biological corridors of Central America, where he works to understand how mapping tools and landscape ecology can identify ecosystem service hotspots to facilitate co-management of landscapes.

Fabrice is a Belgian national who has spent many years in the US (California).
He is a landscape and community ecologist whose primary research interests centre on the ecological mechanisms that drive the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes and how these mechanisms can be used to increase the livelihoods of the farming communities of developing countries.

Fabrice was named Young Professional of the Year by the Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development in 2005, and was Humboldt State University’s Man of the Year in 1995.



BSc, Plant and Forest Ecology, Humboldt State University, USA

MSc, Forest Biology Iowa State University, Ames, USA.

PhD, Geography/Ecology, University of California, Davis, USA. Postdoctoral Research, The Earth Institute at Columbia University, New York, USA.

Publication highlights:

Igram, J.C, F.A. DeClerck, and C. Rumbaitis del Rio. 2012. ‘Ecology and Poverty Alleviation’. Springer Publishers

Avelino, J., A. Romero-Guridan, H. Cruz-Cuellar, and F.A.J. DeClerck. (2012). ‘Landscape context and scale differentially impact coffee leaf rust, coffee berry borer and coffee root-knot nematodes’. Ecological Applications