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Drucker, Adam

Adam Drucker is a Principal Economist under Bioversity's 'Effective Genetic Resources Conservation and Use' initiative and coordinator of a global programme of work related to the ‘Economics of Agrobiodiversity Conservation and Use’.

Adam has been involved in a wide range of natural resource management issues including: sustainable agriculture and rural development, deforestation, biodiversity conservation, water pollution, climate change, environmental policy development and the use of market-based instruments.

He has previously held a number of positions in Latin America, Africa and Australia with the United Nations, national governments, international NGOs, the University of London and the Dept. for International Development (DFID/UK), the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and Charles Darwin University, Australia.



Adam has a background in environmental/ecological economics and holds a Ph.D. from Imperial College at Wye (University of London).

Publication highlights:

Narloch, U., Drucker A.G. and Pascual, U.  2011. Payments for agrobiodiversity conservation services (PACS) for sustained on-farm utilization of plant and animal genetic resources. Ecological Economics 70(11): 1837-1845.

Drucker, A.G. 2010. Where’s the beef? The economics of AnGR conservation and its influence on policy design and implementation. Animal Genetic Resources 47, 85-90.